Friday, October 31, 2008

Marvel 40 3-in-1 Router Kit Press Release

The Marvel 40 3-in-1 Router Kit is getting the attention it deserves. Below is the soon to be published press release:

MARVEL 40 3-in-1 ROUTER KIT is the most versatile trim router kit on the market. Made by MLCS Woodworking, this 30,000RPM, 1HP compact router has collets for both 1/4” and 1/8” shank router bits. The Marvel 40 comes with the standard Laminate Trimmer base, but this kit also includes a Plunging and Tilting Router Base, as well as a Cut-Out Base. It’s great for trimming, edge routing, making cut outs for electrical boxes, dado and groove cuts. This kit also includes two very useful accessory attachments: a Straight Edge Guide and a Circle Cutting Attachment for cutting circles up to 12” in diameter (perfect for speaker boxes).
Made with all ball bearing construction and a 5 amp motor for a longer life, and featuring a ergonomic handle for ease of use, all stored in a heavy duty plastic case, this router kit is ready for any job site. You will also be able to change bits very quickly on-site with the convenient Collet Lock and Collet Wrench. And just to make this kit even more complete a 1/8” Spiral Cut-Out Bit is included. Quality, performance, versatility, and a 3 Year Warranty for only $89.95 this is one of the best priced trim routers in its class. Add in all extras and the price blows away the competition!

For more information contact MLCS at: 1-800-533-9298 or visit their website at

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