Thursday, November 12, 2009

MLCS in The latest issue of WOOD Magazine (Dec 2009/January 2010

The latest issue of WOOD Magazine (Dec 2009/January 2010) is now hitting the newsstands. We're very pleased to announce that their article on "11 Ways to Get the Most from Your Plunge Router" features TWO MLCS Products. Of course, we've got those items on sale at extra low prices!

Router Collet Extensions
WOOD says, "When you need to rout any type of closed pattern in the interior of a workpiece..choose a plunge router.... For cuts deeper than your bit can reach, use a collet extension, which fits into your router collet and has another collet for your bit."

OnPoint™ Dual Light Laser Guided Router Plate
WOOD Says, "Laser locators and LED lights make this subbase from MLCS ideal for many plunge routing tasks.... The crosshair lasers prove especially useful for lining up a plunge cut.... Flip the switch the other way, and bright LED lights illuminate hard-to-see tasks."