Thursday, November 12, 2009

MLCS in The latest issue of WOOD Magazine (Dec 2009/January 2010

The latest issue of WOOD Magazine (Dec 2009/January 2010) is now hitting the newsstands. We're very pleased to announce that their article on "11 Ways to Get the Most from Your Plunge Router" features TWO MLCS Products. Of course, we've got those items on sale at extra low prices!

Router Collet Extensions
WOOD says, "When you need to rout any type of closed pattern in the interior of a workpiece..choose a plunge router.... For cuts deeper than your bit can reach, use a collet extension, which fits into your router collet and has another collet for your bit."

OnPoint™ Dual Light Laser Guided Router Plate
WOOD Says, "Laser locators and LED lights make this subbase from MLCS ideal for many plunge routing tasks.... The crosshair lasers prove especially useful for lining up a plunge cut.... Flip the switch the other way, and bright LED lights illuminate hard-to-see tasks."

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Product Review MLCS 6-Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set

MLCS 6-Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set For Full Review and Video Review Go To

MLCS 6 Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set
All of the MLCS 6-Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set bits made clean precise cuts right out of the box. Setup of all of the included profiles was easy and quickly confirmed with test cuts. Even the matched rail and stile bits cut a perfect fitting joint so I did not have to even open the included shim pack. I like a rail and stile joint to go together easily so that it accepts glue without having to increase pressure to close it fully. The MLCS matched set was adjusted perfectly at the factory for that fit...
The panel raising bit with undercutter produces a very clean, consistent thickness edge. I also found that edge to be properly sized for the groove cut by the rail and stile set. That gives the panel a nice floating fit within the rails and stiles that will not inhibit expansion/contraction cycles...
Despite the economical price the MLCS 6-Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set uses C2 carbide for the cutting edges...
The MLCS 6-Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set comes with a handy shim pack that includes a bunch of shims along with extra lock washers and nuts for the bits. These shims are intended for adjusting the fit of the rail and stile joint...
The MLCS 6-Piece Pro Cabinetmaker Bit Set also comes with a nice wooden box for storing the bits when not in use.

New Product - The Fast Joint Percision Joinery System

Create Unique, Strong Joints Quickly and Easily.

Unique jointing system makes creative, custom joinery fast and simple. Insert your bit in the router, insert a guide bushing into your router table insert, set your bit height and you're ready to go. Set male and female templates on opposite sides of the jig platform and start cutting. For stock 1/4" to 3/4" thick (1/4" to 3/8" for through dovetails) and up to 14" wide. Choose from a wide variety of optional decorative and interesting joint profiles to "spice up" standard joints. Two different sets available (4 or 11 templates)! Use on table mounted routers only.

INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED! Comes with a 30+ page, full color, step-by-step instruction booklet.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ask The Experts

We've recruited new woodworking experts to help answer all your woodworking questions in our Customer Forums. Now, in the 3 new forums, you can post your questions on a wide variety of topics, from routing to wood-turning and wood finishing, and one of our experts will provide you with the knowledge you're seeking.

The Experts:

-The MLCS Staff will be available to answer most woodworking questions.

-Mike shares the following thoughts on his woodworking experience and expertise:

"Mike Melofchik is the owner and operator of Dream Forest Studios Custom Woodworking & Woodturning shop in Spotswood, New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Physical Science from the Eberly College of Science, Pennsylvania State University. He is a current member of the American Association of Woodturners, The Furniture Society, and the Central Jersey Woodworkers Association where he served as a former club librarian. He has received woodworking training grants from the Central Jersey Woodworkers Association and training through Peter’s Valley Craft Education Center, The Philadelphia Fine Furniture Workshops Artist in Residence Mario Rodriguez, and worked with Crowley’s Custom Cabinet Shop. He can be reached online through his website, via email, and by phone (732)723-1145."

Mike is ready and willing to share his expertise on the following topics:

Wood turning, drafting (algebraic & geometric manipulations), jig making for both table saw, routers, and drill presses, as well as wood finishes such as - dyes, stains, topcoats such as lacquers, shellac, urethane, varnishes, as well as their applications and compatability.

-John shares the following thoughts on his woodworking experience and expertise:

"John W. Nixon is a spare-time woodworker with an interest in making American Arts & Crafts style furniture. Located outside Buffalo, New York, where he works in his modest home workshop. Having a small shop forces John to be better organized and to find creative ways of using his space.

John is heavily influenced by the Roycroft style as well as the work of Gustav Stickley (especially the furniture designed by Harvey Ellis). He's been doing fine woodworking for about eight years now. Before that, John did carpentry and home remodeling for 10-12 years."

John has also filmed some of the instructional videos that can be found on the MLCS website.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Product - The Heavy Duty Speed Control

New and Improved 20amp heavy duty speed control is now available. Instead of 15amps this model can handle 20amps and has better circuitry as well as heavier components.

NEW & IMPROVED! Heavy Duty Speed Control features better circuitry and heavier components!
Simply plug in speed control then plug your router into the speed control. Adjust speed from 0 RPM to full speed.
The Heavy Duty Speed Control features an aluminum case, and is recommended for industrial and commercial use. The high impact plastic Standard Duty Speed Control has exactly the same features and is suitable for home shops.

• Less tear out • Stops burning • Feed at comfortable rate
• Better, safer results with large diameter panel raising bits
• Less wear on bits • Less noise • Softer starts at lower speeds
• Adjustable speed from 0 RPM to full speed
• 3 position rocker switch- Variable / Off / Full Speed
• Full power and torque at all speeds
• Go back and forth from any preset speed to full speed at the flip of a switch
• Works with most routers 3-1/4 HP or less • 120V
• Give your router a feature only available on expensive routers
• Easy to use- Simply plug in speed control and plug your router into the speed control- turn dial slowly for best results. (Speed control has a clip that can be worn on your belt, hung on wall, or left loose).
• Dust Cover Included (not shown in photo)
NOTE: Will not work with soft start or variable speed routers