Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's HERE! Exclusive POWERLIFT Motorized Router Lift Pre-Sale

Our most anticipated new product of the year is nearly here. The MLCS EXCLUSIVE item is a much sought-after revolutionary new tool for the workshop. You've waited long enough--it's time to check it our and reserve one today! This item really is the WORLD'S FIRST Tool of Its Kind.....

MLCS Exclusive, Revolutionary Tool! Pre-order at a LOW, INTRO Price for a LIMITED TIME!


MLCS EXCLUSIVE PowerLift Motorized Router Lift

Router Not Included.

Online Video View the Demo Video

At a Glance:

  • Only the Powerlift allows for true Hands Free plunge cutting. No Cranks or Handles.
  • Only the Powerlift uses a bi-directional electronic foot pedal allowing the user to make micro-adjustments to a spinning bit (to within .005") for real Precision.
  • Only the Powerlift has a digital control panel (with mounting arm included) giving the user control of the speed and direction of the lift.
  • Only the Powerlift allows you to change the router bit above the table in seconds.
  • Make incremental passes quick and easy without ever turning off your router or taking your hands off of the work piece.
  • Make repeatable Plunge cuts for mortises and dados using the built on Depth Stop.
  • Includes adjustable mounting arm for the control panel
  • Pre-mounted to MLCS #9334, 1/4" thick aluminum router table insert (9-1/32" x 12-1/16")
  • 110v/220v 60 Hz
  • NOTE: Router NOT Included.
  • Fits 3.5" Diameter Router Motors. SEE Compatibility Info below
  • Detailed, Illustrated, Easy-to-Follow Instruction Manual Included.


**See Router Table COMBO PACKAGES Below...**

**Expected Shipment Around 11/15/2010**

FREE Shipping AS ALWAYS in the contiguous USA!

PowerLift Advanced Control Panel

The Control Panel--Take Control!

Advanced Control Panel Allows the User to:

  • Set the speed of the lift
  • Zero out the height of the lift
  • See the current height, direction, and speed
  • Switch between inches and milimeters
  • Activate the lift up or down
  • Hold the lift (disables the lift to prevent accidental activation from the footswitch)

The lift shows precision to the .001 inches, and allows for micro-adjustment of the bit height at slow speeds.

PowerLift Bi-Directional Footswitch

Bi-Directional Footswitch--Step On It!

The footswitch allows the operator to raise or lower the lift while keeping both hands on the work piece.

Operations that were previously too difficult or too dangerous can now be perform on the router table - with better dust collection and improved safety.

You can turn your router table into an efficient and effective mortising machine. A simple jig that controls the movement of the work piece on top of the table, combined with raising the spinning bit via the footswitch, will yield perfect mortises.

PowerLift Motorized Router Lift

Router Not Included

The Lift--Get It Up!

The lift is controlled by a powerful DC motor that transfers the power to the lift using cogged pulleys and belt. This effective transfer of power yields no backlash when adjusting height.

The lift has a depth stop that triggers a microswitch to stop the lift when the desired height is reached. The depth stop is used to set the maximum height that the bit can protrude above the table. This feature is useful for repeatable cuts and incremental passes.

The router motor requires no tools to mount in the lift!

PowerLift Easy Bit Changing

Changing Bits--Quick and Easy!

The PowerLift raises the router through the table to allow fast and easy bit changes.

PowerLift Works with 3.5" Diameter Router MotorsPower Lift--Will It Fit?

The PowerLift supports most 3.5 inch diameter router motors, and has been tested and verified to work with the following routers:

  • Porter Cable PC690, 890 series
  • Dewalt DWD616
  • Bosch 1617EVS, 1618EVS
  • CRAFTSMAN 320.17543

There are many other routers with a 3.5 inch diameter motor. The models listed above are just those that have been specifically pre-tested with the unit. The list is NOT comprehensive. Other routers should also work if they have a 3.5" Diameter motor unit as shown in the photo at right.

Router Table Compatibility: The PowerLift comes pre-mounted to our #9334 Aluminum Router Plate, which is 9-1/32" x 12-1/16" in size. See PACKAGES below.

For tables with other size plate openings:

  • Use our Installation jig (#9331) to increase the opening to fit the lift
  • Use the Aluminum plate supplied with the lift as a template to drill and tap a plate that fits your table.

At this time, the Heavyweight and Precision Router Tables do not accommodate the Powerlift. Our Cast Iron Extension Table (#2396) will work fine.

Router Table also requires 11" maximum clearance below the table for full operation of the Powerlift, though 9" is sufficient for most applications.

POWERLIFT and Router Table Combo Package Savings

The packages below include all of our Router Tables currently compatible with the POWERLIFT system...

Router table Top and Fence PACKAGE 1: POWERLIFT System Plus Router Table Top and Fence (RT)

See Router Table Top & Fence Details here....

(NOTE: You will only receive 1 Aluminum Router Plate)

Item #2200: ONLY $519.95! SAVE $40!

MLCS XM Router Table ExtensionPACKAGE 2: POWERLIFT System Plus Router Extension Table (XM)

See XM Router Extension Table Details here....

(NOTE: You will only receive 1 Aluminum Router Plate)

Item #2201: ONLY $519.95! SAVE $40!

Cast iron Router Extension TablePACKAGE 3: POWERLIFT System Plus CAST-IRON Router Extension Table (XCI)

See XCI Cast Iron Router Extension Table Details here....

(NOTE: You will only receive 1 Aluminum Router Plate)

Item #2202: ONLY $609.95! SAVE $50!

FREE Shipping AS ALWAYS in the contiguous USA!

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